Happiness According to Dennis Prager

“We owe it to others to work on our happiness.” – Dennis Prager. In Chapter 1, Dennis Prager writes about how we owe it to our loved ones and world to be happy. People suffer around us when we are unhappy. Prager believes that our happiness is a moral obligation, and we will embody moreContinue reading “Happiness According to Dennis Prager”

When Community Becomes Cultish.

I’ve been thinking about what makes faith communities become “cultish”. There are toxic communities which inevitably form around a narcissistic leader and co-dependent followers. An experience of such a community may lead you to never want to take part in any kind of “community” ever again. However, I do believe that there can be healthy,Continue reading “When Community Becomes Cultish.”

What is the Poverty Mentality?

When we study the countries that we would call poverty stricken, it’s usually not because its citizens lack intelligence or the lack of natural resources in the land. I don’t believe God should be blamed, for He blessed the people with creative potential between their years and their land with wealth. Then what’s holding themContinue reading “What is the Poverty Mentality?”

Money can be a sensitive subject.

In this post we will look into three reasons why money is a sensitive subject, especially when talked about in church. 1. We care about money.  72% of Americans have reported to having been stressed about their finances in the last month. We don’t stress about things we don’t care about. Truth is that we care about money moreContinue reading “Money can be a sensitive subject.”

Kobe the Culture Shaper

During his life, Kobe inspired many to be great players. In his death, Kobe is inspiring many to be great fathers. Throughout his illustrious 20-year career in the NBA, Kobe was immensely popular and yet extremely polarizing. He had his good, bad, and ugly moments, while living in a fish bowl. Nevertheless, as his careerContinue reading “Kobe the Culture Shaper”

A Community of Kindness

This blog is one of the ways I get to brag about my friends. On Friday night I met with our San Pedro lead team. We had some good pizza, pasta, salad, and conversations. It was mentioned at that meeting that we should try to go out to bless our neighbors before the 4:30 p.m. worship service. Reason being—the sun wouldContinue reading “A Community of Kindness”